UCSF SJV PRIME Medical Students - Local Outreach Activities

SJV PRIME Medical Student Outreach
Our UCSF Fresno SJV PRIME Medical Students are incredible advocates in our local communities.

The following outreach opportunities will be offered by our UCSF SJV PRIME Medical Students: 

SAFE Fresno: An Educational Activity for High School Students in Fresno County
Lead Medical Student: Rey Berry
  • Hands-on education by UCSF SJV PRIME Medical Students in recognizing and responding to life-threatening scenarios, in which delays in receiving medical attention could be fatal.
  • Opportunity for students to interact with medical student professionals and learn about the pathway to becoming a doctor.

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Medical Skills Lab for Pre-Med Students: An Educational Activity for College or Post-Graduate Students in the Central Valley interested in Medicine
Lead Medical Student: Alyssa Rivera

  • Hands-on education by UCSF SJV PRIME Medical Students teaching how to ultrasound, suture, intubate, and more.

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